In keeping with the UN’s adoption of Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030, our parent company, Obax Worldwide, has committed to making business decisions with due deference to the tenets of the SGDs. We have therefore unequivocally adopted all of the SDGs and have been making genuine efforts to align our business decisions and operational processes with them.

OBAXPower, as a member firm of OBAX Worldwide, wholeheartedly support the SDGs and are making steady progress. Indeed, to comply with the precepts of the SDGs is one of the pillars of OBAX Group’s endeavor to promote a livable and sustainable future, as exemplified by our commitments below:
• Work with our host communities to eliminate poverty and boost development
• Support our host communities in the area of education and training for the youths, healthcare and provision of potable water
• Ensure there are no gender bias in our staff engagement and work processes
• Promote investment in renewable energy and so we have entered into a PPP for the development of a solar farm on thousands of acres of land in Nigeria.
• Work assiduously to eliminate any of our businesses that result in high level of carbon emissions within the next 15 years.

We listen to our stakeholders carefully and ensure that decisions are transparent at all levels. We recognize that transparency is necessary to have a successful future, and to conduct our business through stringent application of effective corporate governance, whereby responsibilities are delegated clearly with action points having the mandate to act transparently but independently, devoid of undue influence. We therefore reject corruption in any ramification and have respect for the human rights of the individual, be they our partners, employees, shareholders, policy makers, host communities, or even individuals not directly related to our business. To ensure sustained compliance with core governance principles, we conduct biennial management audit to ensure that these core governance principles are effectively complied with.

OBAX Group’s strong support for the implementation of the SDGs within its operational processes is exemplified through: • Our dedicated service to our clients (and all of our stakeholders) • Positive contribution to the Society and our various publics. • Our corporate culture of transparency, accountability and sustainability