our strategic partners

To strengthen our capacity to offer world class products and services to our clients, we have established strategic partnership with the following firms:

Strand Hanson

Strand Hanson is a management-owned, independent, advisory led, modern merchant bank providing financial and strategic advice to public and private sector companies, private equity and activist investors. The OBAX Group has collaborated with Strand Hanson on funding issues pertaining to some of its projects.

QGMI is a global infrastructure group specialized in the development, structuring and implementation of infrastructure projects. Based in Madrid, Spain, with subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden and United Kingdom, the Group is committed to clients’ expectations and has capacity to implement high complexity projects, undertaking the full range of activities from Design & Inception to Commissioning and Handover. It has multiple ISO and other certifications. The company’s portfolio of completed and ongoing projects includes major infrastructure projects in Europe, eight Latin American countries and four African countries. QGMI is a very experienced EPCI contractor, delivering projects covering the following four major areas:

  • Roads (Including Bridges and Tunnels)
  • Transport and Urban Mobility
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Power Infrastructure
  • Buildings.

The company’s project execution approach is made up of the following core elements:

  • CLIENT ENGAGEMENT AND CONSULTATION – to ensure that clients are fully kept within the information loop to guarantee that the infrastructure delivered meets their expectations and provides them with the expected socio-economic benefit.
  • OPPORTUNITY IDENTIFICATION – as a matter of policy on each project, to explore economic offshoots and additionalities that would create added value to the project sponsor.
  • ENGINEERING & DESIGN – acts as a one-stop shop where clients can be certain they will be offered a complete package that meets their requirements.
  • PROCUREMENT AND PARTNERSHIPS – offers an integrated procurement service that includes contract management, purchasing, inspection, quality control, logistics and materials management for small and large-scale infrastructure and public services.
  • CONSTRUCTION – assigns each project to a dedicated and experienced team to ensure that construction is delivered to the required standards. The company’s work processes pay critical attention to health, safety, environment; and quality imperatives.
  • COMMISSIONING AND KNOW-HOW TRANSFER – endeavors to leave a positive legacy beyond its short-term involvement in a project. In this respect, QGMI’s project commissioning activity includes the delivery of a bespoke knowledge transfer program and provision of the necessary operational training.
  • PROJECT FINANCE STRUCTURE – To complement its core services of delivering infrastructure projects on EPCI basis, QGMI assists clients with the structuring of financial solutions customized to their needs. This means that the company’s package of services includes working with clients to secure a structured financing solution applicable to their needs.


Karpowership is a member of Karadeniz Energy Group, Istanbul, Turkey. The group is a pioneer in innovative energy projects for the last 20 years, with investments in domestic and international markets. The group started its energy investments in 1996, and is the first private electricity exporter in Turkey. Today, the group owns and operates more than 4,350 MW installed capacity globally.

Karpowership is the only owner, operator and builder of the first Powership (floating power plant) fleet in the world. Since 2010, 25 Powerships have been completed with total installed capacity exceeding 4,100 MW. Additional 4,400 MW of Powerships are either under construction or in the pipeline.

Starting from the design, and ending with delivery of electricity, Karpowership fully executes all activities in-house including but not limited to construction, site preparation, commissioning, and fuel supply. Utilizing the highest technology, Karpowership provides fast-track delivery, high efficiency, and all integrated “plug&play” project execution. Via these capabilities, Karpowership is able to successfully undertake a variety of commercial structures such as short term IPPs (Independent Power Producer), long-term IPPs, PPAs (power purchase agreements), and rental contracts with its Powership fleet.

Powerships supplied and have been supplying 60% of Gambia, 26% of Ghana, 100% of Guinea Bissau, 10% of Guinea, 25% of Lebanon, 10% of Mozambique, 15% of Senegal, 80% of Sierra Leone, 10% of Sudan, 10% of Cuba, 30% of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, 55% of East Nusa Teneggara, Indonesia, 80% of Ambon, Indonesia, 10% of Medan, Indonesia, and 16% of Zambia’s and 30% of Southern Iraq’s total electricity generation.

China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNEEC)

China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNEEC), formerly called China National Electric Equipment Corporation, is a state-owned professional international engineering company. It has been listed in the top 225 International Contractors for years by ENR, USA.

CNEEC provides one-stop service of whole value chain, including consulting, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, operation & maintenance and rehabilitation and is mainly engaged in EPC contracting, complete equipment supply, engineering consulting, engineering design, project management and supervision, installation and commissioning, technical service, power plant maintenance and operation, and personnel training in the fields of thermal power, hydro-power, power transmission and transformation, clean energy, integrated energy solution, environmental protection, and municipal utility. The company is also involved in civil works and construction, mining, transportation, and other industrial projects.

With a number of patents, CNEEC has been awarded 6 prizes by the State Major Technology and Equipment Administration and other hundreds of prizes of National Science and Technology Conference, State Significant Technology and Equipment, State Outstanding Project Design, etc.

Since its founding, CNEEC has established economic and trade links with over 70 countries and regions. It has completed thousands of diversified projects both at home and abroad, and has organized the introduction of dozens of technologies, and its international trading business covers various fields. The company holds a number of ISO certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, and, ISO 45001. It holds two prestigious Chinese National Certifications (also called Guabiao Standards): GB/T24001 and GB/T19001.

ObaxPower leverages the relationship with CNEEC in providing superior power solutions in Nigeria, in particular, and the wider sub-Saharan African market.