Turnkey EPC

OBAX Power offers EPC-O&M for power infrastructures (electrical power generation, transmission and distribution)

Welcome to OBAX Power

ObaxPower, a member-firm of OBAX WORLDWIDE LIMITED, is a 100% Nigerian company. Our parent company OBAX WORLDWIDE LIMITED is the apex company of a Group that has been operating in the global energy market for over 20 years. OBAX Group commenced active business when the founder and President/CEO of the Group, Patrick O’Basuyi, purchased a multidisciplinary consulting firm of Architects and Engineers in the late 1990’s. The firm, ARLOU INC., was headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.


Transmission & Distribution

We focus on EPCI solutions in the Transmission and Distribution spectrum of the Power industry. Together with our partners, we pride ourselves as the best-in-class.


Urban & Rural Electrification

Our EPCI solutions in the power Distribution sector cover design, construction and installation of underground and overhead cabling, installation of substations, transformers and billing infrastructure.


Power Plants

We have the technical capacity to deliver Power Generation infrastructure on EPCI basis including hybrid systems, combined-cycle generating systems, Renewable Energy Solutions, etc.

Clean & Reliable Electrical Power For Nigeria

OBAX Power is partnering with ROKPower and Karpowership to develop unique, high growth clean and reliable electrical power for Nigeria using powerships.

Our Partners