statement of qualifications


OBAX Power, a member-company of OBAX WORLDWIDE LIMITED (“OBAX Group”), is a wholly-owned Nigerian company. Established in 2019, OBAX Power’s business is focused on the Electric Power Industry with the aim to leverage the US market experience of the OBAX Group.

In the 2000s, the Group provided infrastructure solutions required for the deployment of Transmission Lines in some Midwest States of the United States. Building on this experience, therefore, and working with our partners, we are primed to provide infrastructure EPCI and O&M solutions in Nigeria, in particular, and other African countries. Our range of power infrastructure offerings encompass the entire gamut of the Power Sector, that is, Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

our company

Our US Headquarters are located at ONE OBAX CENTER, 363 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. E, Suite 1750, Houston, TX, and the Africa Head Offices are located in the Operational Complex of the Group at Ologbo Town, Benin City, Edo State. The company has 78 employees in the United States and its international Division.

Our experience in the Power Sector is both broad and deep. Together with our partners, Karpowership, a renowned Turkish multinational power infrastructure manufacturer with operations in Turkey, Holland, Middle East and the Far East, we have developed fast-track electric power generation solutions by means of highly engineered and efficient systems. Our work in this area includes the following:
  • A 400-1000MW fast track power generation solutions via the Benin river to TCN facility in Sapele, Delta state.
  • 40-50MW fast track power generation solutions via Lagos Lagoon to Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) distribution substation.
  • A 300MW fast track power generation solutions via Ibom River, Akwa Ibom State for Aluminium Smelting Company of Nigeria Limited, (ALSCON) through the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).
  • 200 MMSCF/D Cryogenic Gas Processing plant at Ovade-Ogharefe Phases I & II – Engineering Design Modification, Fabrication, Construction and Commissioning Contract for the Phase 2 Development of the Ovade – Ogharefe Gas Facilities in March   
  • Gas Processing plant to supply lean gas to the NIPP power plant located at Ihovbor, Edo State, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for household consumption across With a processing capacity of 200 million standard cubic feet per day and 29 storage tanks, the facility succeeded in significantly reducing gas flaring and contributed to the quantity of power generated in Nigeria.

OBAX Power has Power Generation licence from NERC (Nigeria Electric Regulatory Commission), Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading Plc (NBET), Grid Connection Approval with Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

our products & services

Our products and services encompass the delivery of EPC Infrastructure solutions in the Power Sector, Oil and Gas Industry and manufacturing industry. We have a legacy of superior experience and high performance on EPC-based works and solutions. From 2010 to 2021, we completed over 30 such projects in the power and oil and gas sectors. The following are some of the contracts we executed in the US market:
  • 200 mmscf/D Cryogenic Expander. Texas, USA. Completed in 2009 – Value US$208 million
  • 200 mmscf/D Mo Sieve Dehydration Section. Texas, USA completed in 2011 Value US$198 million
  • 200 mmscf/D Cryogenic Expander, Louisiana, USA completed in 2013 – Value US$204.7 million
  • 75 mmscf/D Senior Meters, Export to Africa in 2015 – Value US$73.9
  • 150 mmscf/D Cryogenic Expander. Texas, USA completed in 2017– Value US$142 million
  • 52 mmscf/D Expander with H2 Purification. Louisiana, USA completed 2016 – Value US$34 million
  • 450 mmscf/D Cryogenic Expander. Louisiana, USA completed in 2017 – Value US$402.3 million.
  • With regard to the African market, principally Nigeria, the following are a selection of the contracts executed over the years:

    • Cryogenic Gas Processing plant to power electricity generating systems
    • Electrical and Instrumentation works for Ovade-Ogharaefe Gas Plant completed in Oct 2008 – Value over US$1.5 million
    • Lease, Construction, Commissioning and Operation of 10,000 BOPD in 2011 – Value over US$ 33.5 million
    • Design, Fabrication and Commissioning of 2 No. 20,000 bbl Capacity Crude Oil Storage Tanks in 2011 – Value over N380 million
  • EPCI – Phase II of Ovade-Ogharefe Gas Project completed in December 2012 – Value over US$160 million
  • Provision & Installation of Level Controllers for Oredo Flow Station – March 2016 – Value N million
  • Engineering Construction and Upgrade of the Ovade-Ogharefe Flow Station completed in 2012 – Value over US$1.56 million
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of 2 No. 50,000 Bbl Capacity Buffer storage tanks completed in September 2013 – Value US$6.3 million
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation (EPCI) 12,000 BOPD of onshore production facilities (OPF) completed November 2013 – Value over US$15.89 million
  • Field Plant Operations Facilities for NPDC (Oredo OML 111) completed August 2017 – Value N18.6 million
  • Field Plant Operations Facilities for NPDC (Oredo OML 111) Annual maintenance – ongoing at a fee of over e N262.3 million annually
  • Repair of 2 No. 20,000 Bbl Crude Oil Storage tanks completed in Feb 2018 – Value US$760,000
  • Enhancement and Capacity Increase (Debottlenecking) of Oredo EPF completed in April 2019 – Value US$8.1 million.

our certificates

The attestation to our performance, professionalism and competence, and our certifications, include the following:
  • DPR-Marine Vessels Supply & Operations
  • DPR-Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Construction
  • DPR-Civil Engineering Construction Certification
  • DPR-Engineering & Project Management Certification
  • DPR-Installation & Upgrade of Onshore/Offshore Facilities
  • DPR-Supply Hoisting & Operation of Drilling Rigs Certification
  • DPR-Offshore Pipeline & Protection Facilities Construction Certification
  • DPR-Technical Consultancy Services
  • IPMP-International Project Management Professionals
  • NIPEX-Nigeria Petroleum Exchange
  • NCDMB – Nigeria Content Development & Monitoring Board Registration

our valued clients

Our highly valued customers include the following:
  • EKEDC – the Distribution company responsible for Lagos metropolis
  • NPDC – Nigerian Petroleum Development Company – a subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) involved in upstream activities
  • Nigerian Gas Company(NGC) – the government owned gas supply company
  • Pan Ocean Oil Corporation (POOC) – a private sector upstream operator in Nigeria
  • Seplat Petroleum Development Co. Limited (SEPLAT) – a private sector upstream operator in Nigeria
  • South Atlantic Petroleum, Benin S.A. (SA Petrol), Republic of Benin, West Africa – the government of Benin oil and gas company.

our business focus and strategy

Nigeria’s power system is constrained by an imbalance between power generation and consumption. While over 13 GW of power generation capacity is available, only an average of about 3.4 GW is reaching the final consumers, actual generation peaking at 5.2 GW in 2018, which is a mere 2% growth from the previous peak of 5.1 GW in 2016. Since 2018, it has been falling abysmally.

These statistics indicate that existing assets are partially idle, in poor maintenance, or inefficiently run and therefore do not actively participate in the energy value chain. To deal with this situation and unlock the potentials of the entire power supply value chain in Nigeria, the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) and Siemens have defined the Nigeria Electrification Roadmap. With the support of the German government, Siemens will provide the loan on the back of a sovereign guarantee from FGN.

Our strategy, as a local content company, is to establish strategic alliances that create significant value in the domestic Nigerian economy through creation of employment, supply of first-class products and services, and promoting sustainable human development in Nigeria.

the obax group

OBAX Group is an energy Group that has been operating for over 20 years. The Group is highly diversified, with competences in the Oil and Gas sector where it is providing a gamut of solutions in the entire spectrum of the sector – Upstream, Midstream and Downstream. Other sectors of operation include Telecoms, Power, EPC Infrastructure services focused on Water Supply, Wastewater Management, Dam and Irrigation Systems, and other infrastructure projects in the USA.

The foundations of OBAX Group were laid when the founder and President/CEO of the Group, Patrick O’Basuyi (an American-trained Architect), purchased a multi-disciplinary consulting firm of Architects and Engineers in the late 1990’s. The firm,ARLOU INC., was headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2000, AMERICON LLC was incorporated to take over the business of Arlou Inc. Americon LLC provided large scale infrastructure construction for AT&T, Charter Communication, and a number of other clients throughout Continental USA.
As the need for greater capacity became apparent, the Group incorporated AMERICON INFRASTRUCTURE, LLC to pitch for and deliver greater jobs. Thus,Americon Infrastructure expanded services scope of the Group to include design and construction of infrastructure facilities for a range of solutions including Telecom, Broadband and Wireless Systems, Power (transmission lines), Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment, Drainage Systems, Dam, and a host of other infrastructure projects in the USA.

OBAX WORLDWIDE LIMITED was incorporated as the Holding Company. The ENERGY DIVISION of the Group is focused on the exploitation of Oil and Gas opportunities in the AFRICAN market, especially Nigeria. Today the Energy division of the OBAX WORLDWIDE LIMITED is the fastest growing and the largest LOCAL CONTENT COMPANY supporting oil and gas operations in Nigeria.