ObaxPower, a member-firm of OBAX WORLDWIDE LIMITED, is a 100% Nigerian company. Our parent company OBAX WORLDWIDE LIMITED is an energy group that has been operating in the global energy market for over 20 years. OBAX Group commenced active business in the energy sector when the founder and President/CEO of the Group, Patrick O’Basuyi, purchased a multidisciplinary consulting firm of Architects and Engineers in the late 1990’s. The firm, ARLOU INC., was headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.


Our goal is to ensure that our client have the best combination of solutions for optimal supply of power. In this respect we do the following:
  • Examine the Need of the Client
  • Evaluate the Order as to Adequacy to meet the Needs
  • Using the Order Criteria, but also applying our own Knowhow, Select the Equipment that will provide optimal solutions
  • Procure Needed Equipment and Facilities taking into account multiple factors such as Vendor capability and reputation, User feedback, Service Level Support and Vendor Availability
  • Construction in accordance with specifications
  • Handover
  • Optional: Operations and Management


Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI)

Our EPCI activities are principally focused on power infrastructure construction and installation, providing the
following solutions

  • Power Generation Infrastructure Construction and Installation;
  • Substations Construction and Installation;
  • Transmission Lines Construction and Installation; and
  • Distribution Lines Construction and Installation.
OBAX POWER Smart and Efficient Electricity Distribution Solutions for Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOs)

1.       We provide solutions that can help DISCOs meet their Aggregated Technical, Commercial and Collection (ATC&C) loss targets and boost revenues.  

2.       Provide an excellent cloud-based IoT Advanced Metering Infrastructure that gives DISCOs the best way to detect theft and resolve it fast so they can meet their ATC&C losses targets. EPCI.

3.       OBAX has the knowhow to implement security infrastructure that will easily integrate with DISCO’s network and smart meters, gathering and analyzing data 24/7 to detect meter bypass, meter tampering and illegal connection.

4.       OBAX DISCO Support platform can also easily integrate with the other enterprise systems used by DISCOs to enable them leverage their investment in smart meters and enhance their distribution operations for improved consumer satisfaction.

5.       OBAX’s solutions enables DISCO’s to operate in previously unreachable places and operate their distribution networks remotely and automatically and collect their revenue.

6.       OBAX’s solutions provides for feedback to users so they can trust that they will stay informed about their energy service. 

7.       It further helps DISCOs by pinpointing the location of energy theft when it occurs.

8.       It provides real time alerts to enable the DISCO’s field team to investigate, resolve and report theft, tampering, bypass, etc. it immediately.

9.       With faster detection and resolution of any such misdemeanor, DISCOs can hit ATC&C loss targets quicker and boost revenues. 

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
We have the experience and capability to provide complete operations and maintenance services for the entire power sector value chain.
Consulting Services

We provide a range of consulting services in the power sector including:

  • Outsourcing of Personnel
  • Energy Usage Audit
  • Definition of Energy Management Strategy
  • Design and Implementation of ATC&C Losses Minimization Strategy


We combine our vast experience with specific Research to understand the needs of our clients and thus proffer solution that best serves their needs in a sustainable way.


Deploying our resources and network in the financial services sector, we are in a position to assist our clients on funding issues, subject to the project passing our financing evaluation.

Project Development

Our project development involves the entire process of engineering, procurement, construction and implementation (EPCI). We deploy our resources and those of our partners to deliver the best we can offer.

Maintenance & Support

Where we are not engaged to provide Operation and Management of the project, we are in a position to provide post-implementation Maintenance & Support to help our clients get the best of their long-term investment in the Power Sector.

Some of our trusted suppliers and business partners