Our People

Dr Ralph Imhansi-Jacob

EVC Projects

Dr Ralph worked extensively post-graduation from the University of Benin 37 years ago starting with the construction industry in 1985 and later spent 34yrs in the E&P (oil & gas) sector specifically whilst working for Shell in SPDC, Nigeria and PDO in the Sultanate of Oman. From 2016 and for the next 3years he held the portfolio as MD of EMO E & P Ltd in consulting capacity. A richly imbued oil and gas and energy professional, Dr. Imhansi-Jacob joined ObaxPower in July 2019.

He carries out top executive functions in the company. In his position as the EVP Projects, he is responsible for JV Management & Business Development, Fossil Fuels and Renewable initiatives, further development of OML 111, FTSA and Term Sheet negotiations, Marginal Fields bidding, Power Projects, Bio Ethanol Plant development and Cassava Feedstock Farms etc.

He also holds the position of Executive Vice President, OBAX Worldwide Ltd. Where his vast knowledge of the oil and gas industry has proved invaluable to the company. Indeed, His E&P experience spans both areas of technical professionalism, research work, business risks management, human resources management, the delivery of capital projects management, JV business development and, the management of Oil Blocks investments and prospects, amongst others. His vast experience can be summarized as shown below:
A. Oil Blocks JV Investments – As the MD of EMO E&P:
• was instrumental in the JV with TOTAL Offshore Ltd that managed the re-investigation of the seismic data for OPL 285 working closely with the leadership of TOTAL and NNPC to secure a conditional extension
• provided leadership in many other Oil blocks’ evaluation exercise including OPL 321 & 323, OPL 297, OPL 311, OML 11 (The Ogoni polygon), OML 25, OML 111, OML 119, and a number of marginal fields.

B. Project Management of Opportunities covering feasibility studies:
• Concepts development and selections, project definition, front-end engineering design, project execution, controls up to project delivery
• Has tested skills in creation of project team structures and organizations along the value chains taking account of discipline and cross-discipline inputs.
• Has solid experience in resourcing team structures, team building, prospect maturation and performance management of which success comes with characteristic repeatability
• Was the project manager for the shell’s trans-Niger pipeline loopline system in Nigeria with capital value of circa USD 1.0billion including contingency provisions amongst others (see details in main CV).
C. Extensive Experience in Pipelines & Facilities Engineering, Construction, Operations & Maintenance;
• This spanned over 22 years managing SPDC’s pipelines and flowlines with well-horned Asset Integrity Management skills. As part of facilities (or assets) integrity management endeavours
• Ralph was first to come up with novel development initiatives for sweating pipeline assets to achieve extended lifespans through R&D
• works based on the management of functional risks of failure in these assets e.g. the evolution of Intelligent Pigs, State-of-the-art NDT testing & certification, metallurgical inspection for remaining strength of corroding lines, Risk-based Assessments and Pressure Buy-back decisions. Initiatives of this type were part of the demonstrated, practical field experience that contributed to Ralph’s PhD dissertation of year 2000. (see examples in CV – SPDC and PDO).
• he initiated and deployed Horizontal Direction Drilling technique to lay vulnerable pipeline segments at river, road and difficult terrains in a subterranean contraption for SPDC and NDPR in Nigeria.
The initiatives were complemented with instrumented gadgets designed as Intruder & Leak detection systems based on acoustic technology etc.